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My Autobiography

    I was born on the evening of July 31, 1984 in Kingston, NY.  My childhood was fairly uneventful. I was raised in a small town called Margaretville, NY.  I attended Margaretville Central School from Kindergarten through 7th grade. However, MCS was soon drained of any redeeming value that it may have had. It was time to move on to something worth while.
    Seeing as how both of my siblings are no longer in need of my family's direct support, we were able to completely change our lifestyle. We threw away most of our old life and came to Albany, NY.  Why? For the sole purpose of me receiving a decent high school education at Christian Brothers Academy (from here on referred to as those three letters that I've come to know and love; CBA). My first year at CBA was great, I think I did the least amount of work I will ever do in my life, while still managing to hold an A+ average. The old school was great, there was some real character there.
    That summer I went to England. We had a great time. Most of our visit was spent with family. My British relatives hail from the northern part of the country. However, we did make a jaunt into the highlands of Scotland for a week or so. That was a week I will never forget, it was the last time that my Aunty Elsie and Uncle Bill would go to their home of England. They would pass-on within a matter of months.
    When I returned to CBA for my freshman year, everything changed.  The group with which I had become aquainted with during my first year had expanded and changed radically. There was now a much more diverse student body at CBA. It did not take long to make new friends and for the most part the school gained more integrity in my eyes. I managed to stay for the most part on top of the academics, while still managing a decent extracurricular life. I played for the band, shot for the rifle team and "played" on the J.V. Lacrosse team. My freshman year ended and I was 7th in the class.
    I had decided to expand my knowledge over the summer and attend a Johns Hopkins program from the Center of Talented Youth, regarding the oyster in the Chesapeake Bay. It was overall a pleasant experience. The first evening I spent in the lower decks of a Coast Guard ship. The next day we transferred to a sailboat and headed out into the Chesapeake Bay. I learned much about sailing, friendship and life during these days at sea. However, I also learned of the frailty of man. While doing some good old manual labor one day, I pulled some muscles in my back and was forced to end my trip. The next week I spent with my cousin Elizabeth in Baltimore and later flew back to New York. That was the end of that summer.
    My sophomore year, on the whole was much more productive. I again managed to pull off some decent grades, regardless of my complete lack of dedication to my work. I did however become more heavily involved with extracurricular activities. I began to compete in forensics competitions, at first I competed in Duo, that went nowhere. Eventually I decided to stick with congress and made it to states. I also joined mock trial for the first time, becoming a lawyer...nothing really came of this....but it was fun and I learned something about law and proving arguments. However, the real fulfillment came with the Academic Team...we were able to secure the New York state championship and earned a trip to Chicago, Illinois.
    The trip to Chicago was great. We had the greatest chaperone in the world, Brother Matthew. While many regarded him poorly in school, I have much to say about his trust of the CBA students. He realized that we were the best and that we didn't need to have our hand held. We in fact were able to run about as we liked, we had a lot of fun. Most of all we had it responsibly...we found that even without adult intervention, we could live.
    To further prove this point, I submit my summer. Last summer I ventured to Colorado with my good friend Ben Seymour. We worked on the Hill ranch and it was a very pleasing experience. We didn't get paid, except for the occasional alcoholic beverage. We did, however, receive room and board, that was enough. The summer consisted of riding horses and going to team penning competitions. Well, that was just the fun parts. The other parts consisted of laying almost six miles of barb wire fence, haying and making fun of the local idiot. I walked away from this experience with a new identity and a new outlook on life. We could actually have FUN doing work, go figure.
    We bought another house in Florida.
    My junior year is now half over. I have been doing excellent in most of my academic courses. I have also gone to my first Military Ball at CBA, that was an experience I don't believe I can ever forget.....I'm not going to tell you why.....
    Anyways......I don't know what the future I'll keep writing and you keep reading