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Philosophical Page

    Today's philosophical topic has been greatly influenced by Brother Tim. If you're not Christian you may not be able to take part in this debate....however, if you have an opinion e-mail me.

    When the Bible was created it was created with the sole purpose of allowing th people of the time and insight into the workings of God. It was written so that the stories which it possesed would not be changed by centuries of being told from generation to generation. The churches views have, however, changed on some aspects of the Bible. Genesis at one time was thought to be a historically and scientifically correct representation of creation. But now the Catholic Church holds it to be true that evolution through divine intervention occured. However, we must once again look back at the was written to convey facts about life to people. Can we change our views to appease scientists of this modern age? Or must we take the Lords word for it and say that humans were infact created?
        Food for thought......