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Pictures From Hunting Season 2000

    Most of these are taken in the Quarter Circle Saloon, Kremmling, Colorado. Where else would a thirsty cowboy go?
Me, riding through the countryside. Actually, I'm abusing
Jodie's new quad....everyone else does.

A cattle drive down a major United States Highway, just outside Kremmling.

Anyone up for a little Liar's Poker?
Doesn't look like Joe's doin so bad.

"LAST CALL FOR ALCOHOL!!" Our last night and we closed the place down...

Now that there isn't any more alcohol being served...everyone's starting to feel it. Just look at
those faces. Ken is now trying to get us to go home with him for breakfast (yes it is that
late/early). If you don't believe me....just ask him.

        Once Again, More to Come....