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Gallery #4 (Summer '00-Fourth of July)
    The fourth of July was spent by the entire Hill family, and us, at the Hendricks. This is an original homestead of Ninety-some acres in the middle of nowhere.  Oh....It has an enormous reservoir, which was being drained at this time.

The original building built by the homesteaders. Half was the stable, and
half their living quarters.

Me, Jodie, Skylar, Clay, Sandy, Hardly, Underwood, Janie, Larry, Angie
and Carol with the day's catch....thanks for taking this picture Ben.

Sitting on the beach telling stories and drinking that
lemonade stuff.....mmm....good.

Not all aspects of this week were fun. See all that green stuff on the ground? We
had to cut it all down. All was good though, the quad came through with cooler full of,
well you couldn't find any soda.....guess we just had to settle for beer.

Now the fishin' is good. No water, lots of fish= lots of coolers filled with
tons of fish, almost litteraly.