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Gallery #5 (Summer '00-Gopher Shooting & Jumping Rental Vehicles)

Ben waiting for a break in the truck-driving action. He wants to shoot some
damn gophers.

Ben, Skylar and I wating patiently for some rodents to throw lead at.

This is a picture taken by Ben. He has
climbed out of the window and is now taking
pictures of things behind us....little does he
know that there is a front of us.

This is the infamous rental vehicle. "Don not take off of paved
roads," says Hertz.....well we didn't exactly pay attention.

Rounding the bend, we're about to do something

How fast can we get this thing going here?
(personal experience tells me 43 mph)

The result. Only one cracked foglight
and a few cracked skulls suffered.

I do have a better picture of this, I'll just have to find it time I go home.