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Vincent Prior    
AP American History
Quiz #3

    "The American Revolution was an economic and political coup for the wealthy, white, landed gentry of the American colonies and nothing more..." This statement is true, as almost all good that came directly to the colonies went to the wealthy, white class.
    This class of well-off men within the colonies became hypocritical after the American Revolution. In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson's statements about liberty and equality were hard to swallow with the institution of slavery still standing. While the common public opnion was the denunciation of slavery, the wealthy white class of the south needed them, and the institution lived on in Georgia and South Carolina. Even Jefferson who was a powerful force behind the American Revolution owned a large estate and many slaves.
    The poor, also, received nothing from the government, which was run by the wealthy class. Property belonging to Tories was frequently seized by the states, however, it was almost never distributed to the poor. It was usually passed to wealthy individuals or groups of speculators who already had land and wealth. Also, High property holdings were required to hold an office, and Maryland and South Carolina the wealth class maintained control.     
    Most of those colonists who made it in the economic world were also wealthy to begin with. Many merchants had to change their style of business after the American Revolution. Those who had the money to make the changes were the ones who made most of the money in the long term. While those who started with nothing, ended with almost nothing.
    Thus, after the Revolution, there was very specific economic and social reforms. Most of which targeted those with the most loose, the richest of white men in society. While high ideals were mad during and even after the war, many of these were not carried through to the economy and society in general.