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Vincent Prior
AP American
Quiz 6

    One poor man,
    Living in the shadow of wealth.
    Wealth which he may never have.
    But, for one thing, this may change.
    A cottonseed!
    A cottonseed?
    He may move up in society,
    Not through someone else,
    Through one seed,
    Just a single seed can save him,
    Bring him from the streets to a plantation.
    Slaves will be needed,
    He will be able to sell it,
    To the factories and the merchants,
    He can make an impact in the economy.
    But..., alas, this can not happen.
    He has forgotten.
    Those who live in the north can not grow cotton.
    What good will this seed do in Boston?
    But the ability to dream of what could be.
    This is the American way.
    Think too much,
    Not enough reality.